Over the course of hundreds of projects in diverse areas of expertise, one thing is common to all: Trivers’ fidelity to the vision we set with our clients for lasting, meaningful outcomes.

From the historic San Antonio Courthouse to a new entrance for the iconic St. Louis Gateway Arch, Trivers excels on projects that matter deeply to communities. Using experience and creativity, we address needs for accessibility, security and operational excellence while respecting history and context.

From a new college of optometry in Kentucky to renovation projects for Washington University in St. Louis, our collaborative, iterative design process gives all stakeholders a voice. This leads to a singular vision that supports students’ success and the institution’s mission.

Every historic project presents its own unique set of challenges. Trivers leverages 40 years of experience to design and execute creative, sustainable solutions that preserve the heritage of the site while addressing modern day issues of security, usability and accessibility.

Trivers is well versed at balancing the needs of guests for rest and revitalization while creating an identity and a sense of place that supports the community and the brand.

We design good places for people to live that also create larger impact — reinvigorating neighborhoods and contributing to a better urban community. From affordable housing to upscale, mixed-use developments, our experience runs deep with over 10,000 units completed and a billion dollars in construction.

“You listened.” “This is us.” It’s no coincidence that we often receive these two compliments from our clients. Trivers’ integrated listening process yields solutions as unique as you are. Our experience across the hospitality and residential markets gives us the tools to reimagine your workplace for the present while making room for the future.