Jefferson Connector

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: Renaissance Development Associates

Size: 331,530 SF

Jefferson Avenue, a prominent north-south thoroughfare within the urban fabric of Saint Louis, serves as the pivotal conduit for the architectural endeavor under planning. The project is positioned between Midtown and Downtown West, located for easy access to a state-of-the-art soccer stadium, and developments in the area. 

Acting as a central point, the project offers a unique view towards Downtown in the east. At the same time, it engages with the growing Arts District and the city’s development efforts in the midtown area to the west. The development is situated alongside the proposed North-South Metrolink line, positioned between the planned stops at Washington Ave and Market Street. This advantageous placement designates it as a Transit-Oriented Development, seamlessly connecting it to both the city’s existing and upcoming developments.  

The design concept revolves around connecting public and private spaces in a way that blends the visual appeal with the vibrant atmosphere of Jefferson Avenue. The architectural plan includes around 5,500 square feet of retail space, integrated alongside 175-apartment units.