Tower Grove Park Pavilions

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: Tower Grove Park

Trivers Role: Lead Architect, Historic Architect

Photographer: Sam Fentress

Considered to be the best and most complete example of 19th Century urban park design remaining in the United States, St. Louis’ Tower Grove Park is one of only seven parks designated as a National Historic Landmark. Boasting the greatest collection of Victorian Pavilions in the world, each pavilion has its own unique, ornamental design articulated through detail and vibrant paint colors creating one-of-a-kind structures. However, as the pavilion structures are well-loved and in constant use, they had begun to show extensive signs of both structural and cosmetic deterioration as they approach 150 years in age.   

Trivers design team renovated the Turkish Pavilion and Old Playground Pavilion completing the renovation in summer 2021. The restoration included repair and patching of the terne metal roof, new paint coatings for the roof and ornamental features, repair of ornamental and structural wood, new foundations, and cast-iron column repair. A new exposed concrete pad improves accessibility to and through the structures. Strategically placed lighting allows the pavilions to be seen after dusk creating a museum-like curation of these special Victorian structures. 

Pavilion restoration is just one component of a greater Master Plan vision adopted by Tower Grove Park in 2018. As such, the design team used the project as an opportunity to engage local, state and national historic stakeholders and reviewing bodies to expand understanding of the Master Plan as well as create opportunities for guidance and feedback on the pavilion restoration. The Cultural Resources Office for St. Louis City reviewed the project in an advisory capacity and participated in the on-site lighting mock-up discussions.   



AIA Honor and Craftsmanship Award for Restoration

Landmarks Association Most Enhanced Awards

Traditional Building Palladio Award for Public Spaces: Parks, Plazas, Gardens, Streetscapes