Adams Grove

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: Rise Community Development

Size: 64,766 SF

Trivers Role: Lead Architect, Interior Design

Photographer: Sam Fentress

After decades of disinvestment, the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood has newfound renewal as evident in the burgeoning commercial district. Many housing options – both renovation and new construction – have filled the once-neglected urban fabric. Much of the investment has been along Manchester Avenue and north, codified as owner-occupied and market rate rental units, leading to a loss of affordable and moderate housing opportunities. Meanwhile, parcels south of Manchester continued to show decline with higher vacancy, less robust historic building stock, and consequently, less promise of a future rebound.

Washington University, committed to ensure affordable, modern housing, had a place in the renaissance of Forest Park Southeast awarded development rights of their properties to RISE Development in a competitive RFP process. Trivers, familiar with the neighborhood after the 2001 Adams School Revitalization, was eager to help Washington University realize the vision, set forth and implemented by RISE.