Tower Grove Park Horse Stable Restoration

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: Tower Grove Park

Size: 1,000 SF

Trivers Role: Lead Architect, Historic Architect

Photographer: Sam Fentress

Considered to be the best and most complete example of 19th Century urban park design remaining in the United States, Tower Grove Park is one of only seven parks designated as a National Historic Landmark.   

In 2018, Trivers assumed the role of Architect under a Master Services Agreement, entrusted with the implementation of various components outlined in the Master Plan. The inaugural project marked the restoration of the park’s original stable, a structure dating back to 1868. 

Committed to preserving history, Trivers completed the design for the preservation and restoration of this equestrian gem nestled within the park’s grounds. As one of the oldest structures in the park, the stable underwent modifications aligned with historic preservation standards and future utility considerations. The comprehensive scope of work included enhancements to the entire building, encompassing a small office for park staff and a residence for a Clydesdale horse, Shetland pony, and several chickens. 

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Trivers conducted energy modeling studies, presenting the client with an array of environmental-conscious options for consideration during the restoration.  

The mission of Tower Grove Park is to be an exemplary, well-preserved and well-presented, wooded Victorian park of international significance that provides important recreational, educational and cultural opportunities for its community in a way that is compatible with its unique and historic character. 


Landmarks Association Most Enhanced Award