Rend Lake Resort

Whittington, Illinois

Client: State of Illinois Capital Development Board

Trivers Role: Lead Architect, Interior Design

Photographer: Renderings by Trivers

Once an oasis for family getaways and weekend fishing, the sprawling Rend Lake Resort has been given a new life, not only providing waterfront lodging for guests and cabin accommodations for larger families, but allowing such amenities as conferencing, formal events, and dining. Drawing inspiration from the serene beauty of the natural world, the resort focuses on crafting an environment that nurtures the soul, invigorates the senses, and provides a refuge from the fast-paced urban landscape. Spearheaded by the State of Illinois Capital Development Board, the resort has undergone a complete transformation, renovating all buildings including a Conference Center, Restaurant, 2 Boatels Guestrooms, and 12 Cabins with a new Lobby Reception area. The resort has been remediated to sustain the existing humid climate mitigating mold and mildew. New interior finishes have been planned throughout to bring biophilic designs that pay homage to the natural environment, showcasing the Illinois landscape and weaving the story of Rend Lake into the interior environments.

Rend Lake is a highly visible and important project for the State of Illinois and a great collaboration between government and architecture, creating an immersive sanctuary that seamlessly intertwines the restorative power of biophilic design with the comforts of modern hospitality.