The Grove Mixed Use

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: Spencer Development

Size: 58,000 SF

Trivers Role: Lead Architect

Being extraordinarily mindful of the significance of this site, this new marker at the crossroads of the energetic and dynamic Grove Neighborhood to the west and the Cortex innovation district just a few blocks to the north in its physical nature, historical resonance, and inimitable population are all key in this building being of place and quality.

The mixed-use nature of the program is imperative for a successful structure. With parking elevated to the second level, it yields space to a retail programmed base, giving energy to the street frontages at this pivotal site. Using an office floor as a buffer between the parking and residential levels allows for a semi-private space to be utilized with an extended outdoor terrace. The terrace serves as a transition from the typical two and three story massing along Manchester to the more prominent height of the residential floors above.

The articulation of the façade emblemizes the variegated street presence along Manchester Avenue with its undulating fenestration. By executing details with modern articulation, the building will embody a new, modern, and contemporary presence for the Grove neighborhood