Trivers Welcomes Summer Interns

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We are happy to have several new faces with us this summer (pictured left to right):

  • Nandan Kelotra, Summer Intern
  • Kelly Whelan, Washington University Fellow
  • Himanshe Tomar, Summer Intern

Nandan’s passion for design began at an early age in his native Central India, where he used to visit old forts and palaces.  He was enthralled by the elaborately precise design and construction of the forts with their stately arches and perfectly interlinked circulation.  He is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture and Master of Construction Management degree at Washington University, with plans to graduate in 2020.  This fall he will study with Sociedad Central de Arquitectos in Buenos Aires as part of the International Studies program at Washington University.

Hailing from the Silicon Valley in California, Kelly Whelan is a junior at Washington University and will be graduating in 2020.  She is a member of Women in Design and Architecture and the Alpha Rho Chi architecture fraternity.  Kelly loves that architecture has the ability to change a person’s experience by altering their physical space. For example, just changing the space people live in can give them a sense of security or the feeling of dignity.

Originally from India, Himanshe Tomar will be starting her 5th and final year at Drury University this fall.  She has been heavily involved in Drury’s AIAS chapter, having served as the chapter president for the 2017-2018 year.  Himanshe is studying architecture because it is not limited to design and is an excellent blend of art, history and science.  It is about people, their culture and how they interact with the space that they live in.