Trivers Team Spotlight: Becky Gale

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Trivers is proud to highlight our highly skilled team of diverse professionals passionate about creating design of lasting positive consequence. Get to know them in our recurring team spotlight series.

Becky Gale has more than two decades of experience in accounting, staff management, financial reporting, auditing, and project management in a variety of industries, including hospitality, health care and design. In recognition of her commitment to Trivers and exemplary performance as operations administrator—a position she has held since 2019—Becky was recently promoted to associate.

Q: What role do associates play at Trivers?

A: Associates help Trivers’ principals make strategic firm-wide decisions, provide mentorship to other employees, engage in community causes and efforts, seek opportunities to promote Trivers, and maintain its culture and uphold its values, among other responsibilities.

Q: What does it mean to you to be named associate?

Q: What does your role as operations administrator entail?

A: I handle all Trivers’ accounting, human resources, and operations management needs. It is a dynamic position that requires me to wear a lot of hats, plus I love numbers, so the role is a great fit for me.

Q: How do you contribute to Trivers’ EDI Committee?

A: I joined the EDI Committee to help shape the workplace culture here at Trivers. My main role on the committee is overseeing the Just Label process. The Just Label is like a nutrition label for a company. You receive a score from 1 to 4 on several different categories, from diversity and inclusion to stewardship to employee health. In 2019 Trivers became the first company in Missouri to obtain a Just Label, and I was proud to lead that effort. As an incentive for companies to continue bettering themselves, they must renew their Just Labels every two years. The EDI Committee and I are working on Trivers’ latest Just Label renewal now.

Q: Why is it important for Trivers to have a Just Label?

Q: Why would you recommend Trivers to prospective employees?

Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of from your time at Trivers?

A: My greatest accomplishment is becoming an associate. However, the biggest challenge that I overcame was changing the software Trivers uses to store information and manage projects. It required multiple steps and ended up taking seven months to ensure all our data was transitioned properly. While it was demanding, it was very rewarding to complete. I have also streamlined firm processes and procedures, including client billing and new employee onboarding, to increase efficiency as well as savings and revenue. Additionally, I created an operations procedure manual outlining my responsibilities. I’m the kind of person who likes to plan for all scenarios, and this manual ensures someone would be able to fill my shoes if needed.

Q: What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone (dead, alive or fictional), who would they be?

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