Naviinesh Gunalan

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Naviinesh Gunalan joins Trivers following completion of his Master of Architecture and Fine Arts Minor at Drury University. Originally from Malaysia, Navi’s deep passion for the built environment took root during his formative years, inspired by his observations of his father’s work as a civil engineer. During his time at Drury, Navi held several leadership positions, including a two-year term as the president of AIAS. His senior thesis titled “Suburban Infill: Reproposing the American Home” centered around the transformation of underutilized warehouses into single-family residences in suburban areas. Navi’s innovative approach and dedication also earned him the esteemed AIA Certificate of Academic Excellence. Rooted in the belief that design should be universal and suitable for individuals from all walks of life, Navi’s aspirations involve delving into Architectural R&D and becoming a “people’s architect.”