Lift for Life Academy Opens Elementary School

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With the addition of the elementary program, Lift for Life Academy now educates students from their first day of kindergarten through their high school graduation.

In 2000, Lift for Life Academy opened in Soulard becoming the first charter school in the City of St. Louis to serve students in grades 6-12. In 2017, Trivers was selected to develop a master plan for the overall campus and future elementary school. Following the completion of the master plan, Trivers worked alongside school administrators and a school board comprised of community leaders to design a new elementary school.

The new school is located in a building previously occupied by a church, with large open congregational spaces being converted to classrooms and play space with high ceilings and abundant natural light. The site features outdoor learning and play spaces that are designed to work with the phased master plan to provide a future building addition to house classrooms and faculty spaces for the 2021 school year.

On August 15th, the school welcomed its first incoming class of kindergarten through second grade students. All situated on the same South Broadway campus, the newly renovated Lift for Life Elementary School offers a youthful compliment to the original 6-12th grade academy housed with a historic bank building.