Empowering the Future: Trivers’ Commitment to Project Pipeline

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At Trivers, we believe in the transformative power of design. Our commitment to empowering young minds through architecture shines brightly through our involvement in Project Pipeline, a remarkable initiative that uses the city as the classroom, aiming to foster the next generation of design professionals, civic leaders, and changemakers while advocating for increased inclusiveness, diversity, fellowship, equity, and excellence in design. 

Last month, Trivers designers and NOMA members Carmen Chee,  Aaron Church, Navi Gunalan, Nandan Kelotra, Nakesha Newsome, Cameron Strickland and Ross Welch proudly participated in the local STL NOMA Project Pipeline at Washington University in St. Louis, volunteering as mentors and leaders for the summer camp program. 

What is Project Pipeline?
Project Pipeline is a dynamic summer camp program that serves a diverse group of students underrepresented in the design field. Beyond preparing students for college and life, it instills a deep understanding of architecture’s impact on daily life, culture, society, and history. Through Project Pipeline, middle and high school aged students are introduced to the fundamentals of architecture and design, working closely with architects and designers from various St. Louis firms to create the designs they would like to see in their communities. During the camp, students are guided through all stages of design using provoking and fun exercises. By the program’s conclusion, students present a fully realized project that addresses an issue in their city.   


A Legacy of Impact
Project Pipeline’s journey began at the 2002 NOMA conference in Florida, with a goal to introduce minority students to architecture through the creation of a camp that would ultimately lead to more licensed Black architects. In 2006, the first Project Pipeline camp took place in Cincinnati and since then, dozens of camps have been organized in over twenty cities across the nation. 

Trivers’ Pledge to Project Pipeline
Our continued involvement in Project Pipeline is a source of pride for the Trivers team. As a NOMA member and Project Pipeline sponsor, we are committed to supporting this transformative initiative, ensuring that underrepresented individuals have the opportunity to explore the world of design and architecture. We firmly believe that diversity in the field leads to more innovative, equitable, and inclusive solutions for the built environment. 

Click here to learn more about attending, volunteering, or donating to Project Pipeline.