American Cancer Society Hope Lodge Opens Doors in Jackson, Mississippi

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Receiving a cancer diagnosis can bring about anxiety, uncertainty, and worry for patients as well as those who care for them. The American Cancer Society seeks to ease a cancer patient’s journey by providing housing, transportation and emotional support through their Hope Lodge facilities.

This spring, the first guests checked into the recently completed American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Jackson, Mississippi.  Trivers assisted ACS in creating a design that carefully rethought an existing plan within the constraints presented by the site. Our team worked diligently to maintain the original design total square footage while strengthening important program connections and simplifying circulation.

Through discussions with both corporate and local ACS staff, we discovered the importance of “get away moments” within the design. Both patients and caregivers need opportunities for peaceful and private reflection and relaxation in locations other than the guest room or suite. By taking advantage of outdoor space and critically examining and developing interior circulation, many of these moments are created without requiring an increase in square footage. Healing gardens, outdoor patios, courtyards and exterior balconies give patients and caregivers ample opportunity for these important times of reflection during their treatment experience.

Trivers completed the new American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Omaha last year, and we are currently working on the design for the renovation of the Hope Lodge located in St. Louis.