James Roseberry and Amanda McAllister Present at AIA Conference on Architecture 2023

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Two team members from Trivers delivered presentations at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture 2023 held in San Francisco June 7-10.

James Roseberry, AIA, senior project manager and associate, and Amanda McAllister, AIA, project manager and associate, joined some of the most acclaimed architects, designers and building product manufacturers leading seminars on topics, projects and trends shaping the future of the industry.

During the conference, Trivers also received a AIA 2023 Housing Award for its work on Woodward Lofts, a multifamily housing project in St. Louis. The 2023 Housing Awards recognize only 10 exceptional residential designs throughout the United States for their sustainability, affordability, durability, innovation, social impact, and ability to meet client needs and address the natural and built contexts.

Additional information about Roseberry’s and McAllister’s presentations is below.

Sustainability & the Small/Medium Firm: High-Impact Strategies for Success

The AIA prioritizes urgent climate action through the AIA Framework for Design Excellence, the AIA 2030 Commitment, and emphasis on reducing operational and embodied carbon emissions. However, many architects at small- and medium-sized firms struggle to meet these objectives. Through this practicum June 7, Roseberry and three other architects will provide strategies, resources, approaches and tools to position firms for high-performance, low-carbon results.

“How our buildings function, the way they are constructed, and the locations where they are placed account for 62 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” Roseberry said. “Because architects exercise significant control over each of those components, we can—and must—play a major role in combating climate change.”

Signing the 2030 Commitment to Inspire & Empower Your Practice

The latest climate data makes it clear: Reducing carbon emissions needs to happen and needs to happen quickly. By signing on to the AIA 2030 Commitment, firms can join peers in an actionable climate strategy with clear goals for reaching net-zero emissions. During this session on June 8, McAllister and her co-presenter will empower attendees to sign the commitment and provide tools to begin tracking projects’ energy use via the 2030 Design Data Exchange, positioning firms for success in meeting their climate goals.

“Trivers signed the commitment in 2016, and my co-presenter has been participating in her firm’s commitment for the past six years,” McAllister said. “However, scalable impact can’t be made by one architect or one firm—it is an industry movement that needs to involve as many participants as possible. By speaking about this topic, we hope to expand our impact beyond our own work.”