Trivers Re-imagined 100 N Broadway Tower featured in Sunday Post Dispatch

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excerpt from article posted in the the St. Louis Post Dispatch Sunday edition:

“Big windows. White floors. Technology galore.

The atrium at downtown St. Louis’ 100 North Broadway has plush seating, an outdoor patio and, soon, a café that beckons the office tower’s tenants to stay awhile. The conference rooms come with built-in microphones and cameras for virtual meetings. The owner, Larson Capital Management, invested $16 million in upgrades, hiring its own tenant, architecture firm Trivers, to lead the redesign.

“For about 10 years, this was completely underutilized,” said Trivers Principal Joe Brinkmann. “Nothing was happening.”

The investment is already paying dividends: Housing giant McCormack Baron Salazar recently moved to the tower after years at another building just a few blocks away, trading size for quality.”

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