Private Residence

Jamestown, Rhode Island

Client: Confidential

Sited on a rare westward-facing, ocean front property in Rhode Island; the home draws from the local vernacular and limitations of a hostile windswept environment. Paired with the owner’s highly specific programmatic requirements for a working artist, the result is an open and decidedly modern interpretation of the most recognizable of house forms; the front facing gable.

The exterior design captures sweeping ocean views and draws the eye to key landmarks such as a trans-bay bridge. The desire to blur the line between inside and out with a “wall of glass” and moveable exterior walls is at odds with pragmatic impacts of 110 mph+ winds common for this area. The solution was to provide a deeply recessed porch on the lee-ward side, protected by wing walls and a deep overhanging roof projection. The majority of the glass resides within this protected elevation. Other windows are limited, yet are placed to take advantage of key views on the north and east elevations.

The Eastern white cedar cladding turns a shimmering silver as it ages, in time blending with the grey-hued windows and metal roofing to refine the palette to a single expression. While this local material is traditionally used as shaker shingles, it is utilized in a vertical tongue and groove application, devoid of texture and scale, to draw attention to the extruded gable form. Hidden gutters, trimless punched window and door openings, and the lack of traditional roof fascia and soffit further demonstrate the design as an exercise in iconic ‘house-form’.

The interior space is bright and neutral to emphasize the art and furnishings within the space. Large working art studios and galleries govern the spatial organization. A loft office and hallway windows afford a connection between the living space and the artist’s studio floor. The soaring living space features a suspended rotating fireplace, and a custom stair that punctuates an otherwise muted canvas enlivened by the views of the ocean and the artist’s work. Outdoor living spaces flank the core of the home providing opportunities to extend the indoors beyond the enclosure, taking advantage of a temperate northeast climate.