McCormack Baron Salazar Corporate Offices (2009)

St. Louis, Missouri

Client: McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.

Size: 40,048 SF

Photographer: Alise O'Brien

Designed as a new corporate headquarters, the client wanted a space that evoked their mission to restore the urban fabric of American cities. Relocating their office to the heart of urban core reinforced the company’s commitment to this mission. The space is designed to evoke a raw sophistication that is manifested in a city’s character while utilizing the latest approaches in office planning and design.

The irregular forms located in the entry lobby ceiling juxtapose the regularity of the builiding’s two-way slab exposed in the “cuts,” illustrating the irregular patterns of a city with the more regular built physical environment. At the large conference room, an arced glazed wall acts an organizer of these two moves while allowing the permeability to the views beyond.

The use of recycled laminate, mimicking a Tiger Wood veneer, brings a level of a warmth and sophistication to the space without being pretentious.