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Washington University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Research Laboratories
St. Louis, Missouri

Washington University School of Medicine
19,300 square feet

The Research Laboratories for the Department of Pediatrics and Department of Medicine, Infectious Diseases was a complete fit-out of the shell space on the 7th floor of the recently completed 10-story research building on the medical campus. The project included open biomedical research laboratories, fume hood alcoves, and other support space accessed from a secured shared linear equipment corridor for two major departments for the School of Medicine. The specialized spaces within the secured area also included two bio-safety level laboratories with access from a shared gowning ante-room with pass-thru sterilizers to each lab material/waste removal from the lab. Also within the secured area are private research offices, tissue culture laboratories, special project labs, microscope rooms, computer room, cold room, waste holding room and an internal break room. The cherry wood laboratory benches matched the cherry wood finished public corridor and elevator lobby accessing departmental administration offices, conference room/library, and staff vending area. The mechanical/electrical systems were distributed on the floor from the buildings existing physical plant and were designed to accommodate the specialized laboratory services required.