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Washington University School of Medicine Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology Phase 1C
St. Louis, Missouri

Washington University School of Medicine
19,100 square feet

The Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology renovated existing office space on the 6th floor to new sophisticated biomedical research laboratories and support space. Phase 1C is an open lab area incorporating custom-designed mobile laboratory benches with air, gas, vacuum, power and data services provided with umbilical connections to overhead service carriers, allowing ultimate flexibility in bench configuration. Because the existing building has a shallow floor-to-floor height of 12' 4", spatial amenities at the lab benches was achieved by exposing the existing steel building structure and capturing the vertical element needed in a laboratory setting. Suspended pendant light fixtures and air diffusers created a virtual ceiling plane while ductwork, piping and telephone/data trays were distributed above in dedicated zones alleviating conflict and providing maintenance accessibility.

The project also included computation, principal investigator offices, and conference space along with shared sterilizer/glassware washing and breakroom spaces. A dedicated area for the Division of Statistical Genomics with private offices and open workstation cubicles are adjacent to the lab area. Additional mechanical/electrical building systems are provided in the penthouse addition on the roof to accommodate the 6th floor laboratories. The penthouse was designed to expand the laboratory facility within the building by 50% without major disruption to the laboratory operation.