U.S. Post Office and Courthouse
New Bern, North Carolina

U.S. General Services Administration
38,000 Square Feet

Trivers Associates was selected by U.S. General Services Administration through their Design Excellence Program to perform major restoration and renovation to the 1933 historic Geogian Revival U.S. Post office & Courthouse structure in New Bern, North Carolina.

The scope includes historic public spaces, the renovation of the major historic U.S. District Court courtroom and the addition of a new U.S. Bankruptcy Court courtroom/hearing room to be developed in former U.S. Post Office space. An addition is also to be constructed to handle new secure judge and prisoner circulation, a vehicular sallyport, U.S. Marshals Service space, and an additional means of egress.

Building accessibility and security is also being addressed, at both the front public entry and rear employee entrance. An updated security screening situation will be implemented, but in a way that will be respectful of the building's historic site, entrance and postal lobby. GSA is striving to achieve a LEED "Silver" rating fo the renovation/addition project, so sustainable approaches are being studied for all elements.