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Museum of Westward Expansion
St. Louis, Missouri

CityArchRiver 2015
National Park Service
113,000 Square Feet (renovation)
45,500 Square Feet (addition)

Trivers Associates is currently working as a partner for Cooper, Robertson & Partners and James Carpenter Design Associates for the expanded and renovated Museum of Westward Expansion below the internationally-recognized St. Louis Arch. As part of the competition-winning Michael Van Valkenburgh master plan, the museum envisions expansion of the current underground museum to the west, creating a new western entry into the Arch Grounds and the museum.

Trivers’ involvement in the coordination with the National Park Service to maintain the integrity of a National Landmark is imperative in executing a project that is historically sensitive yet modern in function and form. Trivers will work with our design partners to solve the constructability issues that are presented in creating a subterranean structure that needs to address high levels of security affording a structure with National Landmark Status yet remain open and accessible to the public.

The proposed project will establish a new entrance adjacent to Luther Ely Smith Park, the Old Courthouse and the heart of St. Louis’ downtown.

Renderings courtesy Cooper, Robertson & Partners and James Carpenter Design Associates, Inc.