Quality in 20

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Every Tuesday at 1:10, someone rings the bell to indicate that it’s time to head to the lunch area. It’s time for Quality in 20, our weekly company-wide meeting. In this format, our entire office comes together to learn something related to the practice of architecture. Each week, a different Trivers staff member is given 20 minutes to present on a topic of their choice. With presentations ranging from conference synopses to professional interest group affiliations and project experiences, Quality in 20 presentations provide the opportunity for individuals to share their personal experiences and expertise with their colleagues.

Far more interactive than just slide sharing, Quality in 20 presentations start and enhance conversations that lead to better understanding and greater quality work by all. These conversations inspire further investigation and inspire innovation for potential design solutions. Most importantly, Quality in 20 presentations create opportunities for every member of our staff to learn something new and further our development as professionals in the architecture industry.

You can follow our topics of discussion by following #Qualityin20 on our Facebook and Instagram.

Posted by Amy Beaman, Office Administrator + Marketing Assistant